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Walmart Drug Deal

I thought I would share with you the very good drug deal that Walmart has going on at the moment.

Now I understand that I am probably the only person in Ajijic, Lake Chapala that is on any type of medication but I thought I would take a chance as we are in a retirement community and maybe one or two others might have some need for various medications.

At the moment if you buy three drugs and, of course, have your receipts, you receive a fourth one free.  The only exception is any antibiotic drugs.  As some drugs are pretty expensive I thought that this was a pretty good saving.

Other deals are often available at Walmart in a variety of areas.  If you check out their prices you will usually find something that you need that is very well-priced.

I find their meat very good and very reasonable and if they do not have the particular cut you are looking for on display they will prepare it for you behind the meat counter.  We particularly enjoy the Angus beef offerings.

As I have said before I never would have voted to have a Walmart in our little village in the sun but now that it is here I do shop there at least once a week.  Just like the commercial where the girl says “Start the car, start the car!” because she thinks she is getting away with something I am always very happy with the total of my bill.  Not so much, however, when it is wine shopping time.

Another way to save money on drugs is to get your DIF Card (if you are over 65) in Chapala and you will get from 5 to 7% off your drug purchases.  Naturally, it will be years before I am able to avail myself of this discount.

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