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Walmart in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

When I first heard of Walmart coming to Ajijic I had mixed feelings.  I did enjoy shopping at Walmart in the US and Canada but somehow it did not seem right in our little village in the sun.

I would not have voted to build a Walmart here but now that it is here I must admit I do go there at least twice a month.

I find the service very sporadic and finding someone to help you can be very frustrating.  There is very little English spoken so it is best to know the Spanish word for the article for which you are looking,

Today I went in search of certain king size pillows which I have bought before and like them very much.  They had them in standard size but not in king.  I grabbed an employee walking by and they said they would send someone to help me.  Someone did come but said they did not have the pillows I was looking for in king size and had no idea if they ever would.

I then went to customer service with the standard pillow to show what I wanted in king size.  After a very long wait I was told I could not order them, they did not have them and weren’t sure when or if they ever would.  They also said these pillows did not come in king.  I told them I had bought them several times in the past in king size so they asked a few more people with no appreciable result.

I then proceeded to the double doors of the back of the store across from the produce section and when someone came out I asked if I could speak to the manager.

Several minutes later Pauline came out, shook my hand and asked how she could help me.   I related my request yet again and she said “I will find out for you”.

She was gone for another several minutes she came back and said they did not have them at the moment but they were ordered and would be in in 15 days.

I was very happy to hear this and thanked her very much.

The moral of this meandering story is your best bet if you are looking for something that you cannot find is to go directly to the manager who seemed to be the only person in Walmart who was willing to help me.

That is what I will do next time instead of wasting a lot of time with people who do not seem to care if you find what is you want.

The manager certainly made up for this and I now have an answer and time frame for  procuring said king size pillows.  It is always a good idea to ask if they have what you are looking for in the back because many times it may not be on the floor but this does not mean they do not have it.

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