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Walmart Opens in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

Walmart opens in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

Walmart in Ajijic

I just returned from my first visit to Walmart. A family encouraged visit I might add as I have always been very happy with Superlake and the gringo pleasing Pancho who would do anything for you to make sure you have what you require and that you are happy.

For over 14 years I have enjoyed my daily shopping routine which includes many stops at interesting little stores to complete my list.

My observations are as follows:

There are a lot of staff members offering you free samples along with a long spiel on the product being offered.

If you purchase hot dogs there is someone in a loud voice urging you to buy sliced ham.

There are many people in blue coats to help you and answer questions which was a pleasant surprise as this is not the case up north.

I did not see many imported products but the local products are definitely cheaper in all cases where I comparison shopped and were up to 40% less than Superlake.

It was clean and all departments were clearly marked.

I was able to get everything on my list with the exception of daily newspaper – The News. This in itself is an incredible feat and perhaps a first for me.

It was not difficult to get around the aisles and the parking was easy. There are people to push your cart to your car and help load it if you wish.

I did not do a thorough investigation but there did not seem to be a huge variety of good quality items which I will delve into further at a later date. There is a vast selection of hot dogs, however, which takes up an entire counter. Imported cheese on the other hand no hay.

If you cannot find something you can tell someone in the aforementioned blue coats and they will scramble to get it for you. There seemed to be some English spoken.

I will return as the prices are good and I want to do more research.

A message to Pancho is : “I would love to stay with you but you have to become more competitive price wise. If you do lower your prices to compete I would still do my daily food shopping at Superlake and go to Walmart for other specific items like pajama pants and sheets.”

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