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Walmart Vitamins

As I have often said I would not have voted to have a Walmart in our little paradise in the sun of Ajijic, Lake Chapala but I do shop there now that it is here.

When it first opened most people described it euphemistically as a “work in progress”.  Many improvements have been made since they opened and it would appear that Walmart is trying to please both the Mexican Nationals as well as the expat.  Not an easy challenge but they are achieving some success in this area.

The meat is terrific and they do have an extensive fish and seafood counter too among many other offerings for one stop shopping.

What I want to mention today is the recent opening in store of a vitamin wall which certainly has everything I need that is not procuded by my company Pharmanex.

I use Dong Quai, Magnesium, Echinacea, St. John’s Wort and Flaxseed Oil to name a few and my brand of GNC is available which makes me very happy.

They also have every other possible vitamin and mineral need as well as dietary supplements for bulking up or slimming down.

There are a few places here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala where you can buy vitamins etc. but what is good about the Walmart selection is the discounts they offer makes these purchases the most financially attractive in town.

Vitamins are a great way to supplement our diets to make sure we are getting all the nutition we need.  I love broccoli as much as the next man but there is only so much you can eat to get the nutrients you need.  Many foods no longer contain the nutrients they once has as the selenium is being overmined out of the soil.  You can actually eat an orange that has no Vitamin C in it at all.

Vitamins are safe and should be taken twice a day for full value and it for most people they are safe.  It is always a good idea, to check with your doctor before taking any supplements to be sure this is what you are lacking.  A simple blood test will tell you what areas in which you are deficient.

Many people are skeptical about vitamins and their value but if at the first sign of a cold such as an itchy nose or throat you take 2 echinacea morning and night for 3 days and then continue with 2 a day your cold will either not develop at all or at the very least be much shorter.

Everyones needs are difference but vitamins can make you healthier and give you more energy.  This alone to me is worth the price of admission.

Now you can go to Walmart and there is a very nice young man who seems very knowledgeable and is very willing to help you.  The vitamin section is on the right hand side as you go towards the bank machines.  I am sure you will find everything you need.  I know I did.

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