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You may have noticed that we have been having some unusal weather this past week.  Some people have thought the temporada de lluvias (rainy season) had started early but this is not the case.  I will admit it had also crossed my mind as the rainbirds (not really birds bur large harmless insects) having been croacing themselves hoarse.

As it turns out it is El Nino that is to blame for the atypical weather we have been experiencing.  A band of low pressure in the Pacific Ocean had actually threatened to become a tropical storm.

El Nino is the periodic fluctuation in sea surface temperature that occurs every three or four years off the Pacific coast of South America.

Although the cyclone season officially begins May 15th and runs through November 30th  the actual rainy season starts June 15th.

There is always a small risk of flooding during this period but steps are being taken fixing potholes and cleaning networks of canals.

The rains will be here soon and it has been very pleasant to have an early taste of their wonder and relief from warmer temperatures.

The weather here is arguably the best in the world.  When I think about our family in Toronto, Canada, I feel very badly that it is just starting to get warm now and by next week it will be hot and so a lovely spring will not be enjoyed.

We love the weather here and ever take it for granted.  I am fond of telling newcomers that I have loved every minute of every day since we moved to Ajijic, Lake Chapala with our children in 1994 and the amazing weather is a very big reason for those feelings.

My son, who lives in Toronto, tells us that when they had their first nice day a couple of weeks ago it was the first in six months.

I still cannot believe that I spent most of my life in a less than perfect climate to say the very least.

Our climate is wonderful in our little village in the sun and the sun is very good for the soul and very healing.

Come join us in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, and enjoy the outdoors and all of  it’s delights 12 months of the year.

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