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Welcome to 2012

All the festivities of the season are over or at least winding down. People are getting back to normal as house guests head back up north. Christmas trees are soon coming down if not down already. Fridges are being cleaned out and sheets and towels laundered.

We had a wonderful Christmas and New Years with family and very good friends but I am delighted the season is over as it seems to be a very hectic time of year. Last night our friends had a magnificent dinner at their beautiful home here in Ajijic for our son and his fiancé who are getting married in February. Unfortunately, our friends will both be travelling at that time so very generously hosted a catered dinner by Laurent which was spectacular.

Their home was beautifully decorated for the occasion and the food was amazing. They very graciously had invited the bride’s family and there were a total of 14 people around the gorgeous table with napkins in the shape of roses and what seemed like hundreds of cream candles shimmering brightly on crisp white linen.

Everyone had a wonderful time and everyone got along beautifully with a great deal of laughter. The appetizers were varied and succulent and the excellent wine plentiful. There was a French Onion Soup or Caesar Salad to start and a choice of Herb Crusted Lamb Loin or Salmon with a Castor Sugar Glaze for the main. A traditional Croquembouche was served for dessert which was particularly considerate as the bride’s family is French.

I think the best ingredient of the evening was the appreciation of my son and his fiancé that such a beautiful, spectacular evening had been held in their honor. In fact the appreciation went beyond them to all of the guests who had a splendid evening in a fabulous setting, with wonderful food, wine and the company of both families and our very dear friends and their beautiful daughter.

Another surprise was ad trio of live music of an amazing young violinist that we knew from La Nueva Posada.

It was a great way to end the festive holiday season and open the next happy phase of the wedding.

Our thanks go out to our dear friends and great hosts for their love, warmth and incredible generosity. We are very lucky indeed to have you in our lives.

We wish everyone a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

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