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What is With This Weather?

One of the things we never think about in Ajijic, Lake Chapala is the weather. In other places people talk about the weather constantly but here normally it is a given that is will be around 75 degrees and sunny 95% of the time.

That was not the case last February when our son got married at La Nueva Posada. We had out of town guests and it rained off and on for eleven days. The plan for the wedding was at sunset in the garden overlooking beautiful Lake Chapala and the mountains. A decision was taken in the morning the day of the wedding that it would take place indoors. Although momentarily disappointed that the usually dependable weather was not co-operating, Michael Eager Jr. and his staff turned the dining room into a magical, romantic, and beautifully lit wonderland.

It also rained on last year’s Chili Cook Off which was the first time in 18 years that this even was also affected by rain.

Today is our fourth gloomy day and last night it actually rained albeit lightly on the Orient Express dinner, dance and silent and live auctions at La Real Chapala which benefits the Ninos Incapacitados.

Everyone was dressed to the teeth and we felt very sorry for the organizers. An event like this is a great deal of work and planning and the dinner was held outside with no tent or tarps but the rain did hold off but it was cold. Not northern cold but cold for us nonetheless. My point being that everyone was indeed talking about the weather.

Everyone was a good sport about the weather for the most part and everything continued on schedule and the staff was kind enough to put heaters among the outdoor tables. The food was good and the wine flowed and, most importantly money was raised for the kids that Ninos Incapacitados supports.

We are to have cloudy/rainy weather and cooler temperatures through Sunday, March 17th but by Monday, March 18th we should return to the warmer sunny weather we take for granted. Ojala que si. (God willing).

I tout often in my blogs that we have arguably the best weather in the world and I am certainly not happy that this blog about the weather was even necessary.

However, in view of the horrible climate and accompanying disasters around the world we are still living in paradise and I think we will all manage to get through a few days of less than perfect weather.

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