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What's Stopping You From Moving to Sunny Mexico?

If you are thinking about moving to or retiring to Mexico I know what you are going through as I went through the same thing prior to our move to Mexico in 1994.

We were too young to retire so what would we do? Would there be good schools for our children then 10 and 12? Was the infrastructure adequate for our needs? What was the community like in Ajijic, Lake Chapala? We had many other questions and because of these questions and my mother’s illness it took my husband 10 years to finally make his case for us to move to Mexico I have often said that I wish he had found the right words sooner as I have loved every minute of every day that we have been lucky enough to live here. We still, of course, go back and forth to Toronto, Canada, as we still have family and responsibilities there but Ajijic is home.

Making the decision to move to Mexico is so much easier now with the information highway. One can do business anywhere in the world now with a laptop, smartphone or tablet of some sort. I do all my International banking online as well as my International Distribution business.

Our children went to wonderful schools here which got them both into US and Canadian universities and they are now tri-lingual which has opened doors for all of them all over the world.

They have often said to their Dad that moving to Mexico was the best gift he had ever given to them

The community here is diverse and thriving and the infrastructure has certainly developed over the last 18 years to accommodate even the pickiest of people.

The real estate is reasonable, the climate the best in the world and the restaurants are wonderful and varied.

The health care is world class and inexpensive and we are 40 minutes from a city, Guadalajara, which is twice the size of Toronto, has all the designer shopping one could ask for and has an International airport.

You can play golf and tennis 12 months a year and eat and live outside every day in the beautiful warm sunshine.

So ask yourself what is stopping you from moving to sunny Mexico. It, of course, is not for everyone but for those it does suit it is a little slice of paradise.

I still have trouble understanding why we spent so many yeas of our lives in a cold gray climate in a city that was becoming as expensive as living at an airport.

Contact a reputable real estate broker and they will answer all of your questions to help you make the decision to change your life for the better sooner rather than later.

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