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What to do in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

Many newcomers or potential newcomers ask me “What is there to do in Ajijic, Lake Chapala?

I can honestly tell them that in over 15 years I have never been bored and there is indeed plenty to do.

You can be as busy or as idle as you would like,

In Ajijic, Lake Chapala there are two garden clubs, The Garden Guild and The Garden Club. There are cooking competitions and lessons available. There are bridge clubs and cribbage clubs.

There are all types of cultural events such as symphonies, plays both local and imported and I can honestly say my children have been more exposed to culture than they ever were in Toronto.

We have the Auditorium in La Floresta which stages many events and also the Little Theatre in San Antonio Tlayacapan and they are always looking for people who wish to get involved in theatre.

There are local golf clubs and tennis clubs in Ajijic, Lake Chapala as well as many more in Guadalajara. Lessons in both sports are available and tournaments to participate in.

There are many very worthwhile charities to get involved in and churches for all denominations

We have wonderful restaurants and a movie theatre boasting 3 cinemas with all the current movies available in English.

There is a writer’s club, Club Amigos for newcomers to meet new friends and enjoy old ones.

We have the Lake Chapala Society which offers all kinds of free medical testing, insurance seminars, a vast library and video library. This is an association devoted to the ex-pat community as well as helping the local population. LCS has a wonderful yearly directory, mail service and many other services needed by ex-pats. There is not a question you many have that they cannot answer.

There is Laughter Yoga which has 6,000 clubs all over the world To get listings for all of the activities that are available you can check out the weekly Guadalajara Reporter or the Ojo del Lago. Also you can google your specific interests and web sites will pop up giving you the information you need.

There are all kinds of special events held almost nightly from formal dinners to casual get togethers.

We have found the most rewarding activities are those that include the Mexican people who always welcome you to any event they are having and this is a wonderful way to get involved in our amazing community.

Also we are 30 minutes from the second largest city in Mexico, Guadalajara which is twice the size of Toronto and has everything you would expect from a major city including shopping, culture, history and restaurants and night life.

Also we are just over three hours from the beach on an excellent toll road and day trips and longer excursions are available to many other wonderful Mexican towns and cities.

I have only mentioned a few options of what is available to us here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala and many other activities and pastimes are waiting for you to discover them.

Whatever you would do to fill your time wherever you came from is available here. Perhaps the only difference is a slower pace reminiscent of kinder, gentler times.

Now with the internet and high speed wireless one can carry on any business ventures you care to be involved in.

So don’t worry about what you will find to do here instead worry about how you will find the time to do everything you wish to be involved in.

The expression is “One goes to Florida to die but one comes to Ajijic, Lake Chapala to live”.

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