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When You Don't Feel Like Cooking

There are times that one does not feel like cooking.  Of course, we do have some choices in Ajijic, Lake Chalapa when this happens.  We have many excellent restaurants fancy and casual.  You can order Pizza from several places and sometimes if the moon is in the right quarter Min Wah will deliver Chinese food to your house but most often you have to pick it up.

Tony’s Meats usually has fully cooked ribs in BBQ sauce that you just have to heat up and on Sundays they cook BBQ’d lamb in front of Tony’s Restaurant served with onions, beans etc.  Very good.

Every day you can buy a roasted chicken at Walmart which is also quite tasty.

There is another little place and I don’t even know their name or phone number.  It is on the south side of the carretera on the other side of  La Paz liquor store than Superlake in San Antonio Tlayacapan. It has a striped awning and a few tables out front.

If you go there around 12 noon the aroma is wonderful and you have many choices.

They have rotisserie whole chickens perfectly seasoned, beautifully pankoed chicken fingers and chicken wings which are savory and delicious.  Recently they have added fully cooked racks of ribs.

They have several sauces to go with your selections such as BBQ sauce, honey mustard sauce, salsa picante (hot sauce) etc. and a variety of salads.

There is coleslaw, potato salad, carrot salad and a lovely fresh green salad with corn and cucumber along with other fresh crisp vegetable and bib lettuce.  They have a very nice creamy ranch dressing to go with this salad.

They also have a variety of beautiful big homemade muffins which I have not tried but they do look delicious.  I also think I have seen homemade cookies and a selection of cold drinks.

So on those days when you do not feel like going out to eat or cooking drop by this little gold mine around noon and you will be able to select a wonderful dinner for you and your family.

They are associated with Tony’s Meats so you know you can trust the quality.

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