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Winter is in the Air

Canadian Thanksgiving is over and Fall began September 23rd and now American Thanksgiving is a month away and winter is in the air.

When I go on my daily walks with my dogs the weather is magnificent and although it may be a little cooler at night and in the mornings, afternoons are still warm and sunny.

The yellow flowers have not yet appeared on the mountains heralding the end of the rainy season but they will pop up any day now. You would think this might be a cause for melancholy but, for us, it is far from it. American Thanksgiving signals the onslaught of the snowbirds and, therefore, the “busy season” which all businesses look forward to with anticipation.

Christmas (Navidad) is a most wonderful time in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, and for that matter in most of Mexico. The posadas, lights, church bells smells of holiday cooking and noche buenas (poinsettias) which are in bloom everywhere make everything seem truly magical.

There are many events to see here and in Guadalajara. One of our favorites here in Ajijic is the Cascanueces (The Nutcracker) which is performed by school children and staged at the Auditorium in La Floresta sometime mid December and masterfully directly for years by Wayne Palfrey. Even though our children, now grown, no longer perform in this wonderful production we still enjoy attending it as a family.

We know that although the weather may get a little cooler in the evenings and one may need a sweater or sweatshirt we will not need hats, scarves, boots, heavy coats and something to scrape the ice off or our windshield. There will be no putting up of storm windows, snow shoveling, exorbitant heating costs and dangerously icy roads to navigate.

Friends and family come for the winter or just for the holidays and there is a wonderful expectant anticipation in the air.

Christmas trees will be put up and decorated with eggnog and carols. When we were first here one had to go to Guadalajara to purchase a Christmas tree but now they are available several places lakeside including Superlake and Walmart.

From now until April is a beautiful time of year and there are so many wonderful things to enjoy in our village in the sun, Ajijic.

Our kids always like to do something for the orphanages and assisted care facilities by either taking food and cooking a meal or delivering baskets full of Christmas goodies. This is a wonderful way to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.

God bless us one and all.

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