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Wishing Everyone a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2015

We just returned from a magnificent family Christmas in North Carolina and Virgina.  We had 16 people family members and 5 dogs in a wonderful cabin in the mountains and we all had a wonderful time.

There was lots of great food, wine, laughter, warmth, love, memories and all kinds of games and assorted activities.  This is the first Christmas since my husband’s Mother passed away that we were all able to be together and we came from all over the world including, England, East and West Canada and Mexico.  It was quite an undertaking of organization which my sister-in-law, Linda, managed brilliantly with dispatch.

We even had a spa day at a wonderful spa “The Martha” in Abingdon, Virginia and I had probably the best facial I have ever had.

We missed our puppies terribly but called a couple of times to make sure they were ok.

There had been some concern that without by husband’s parents we would drift apart but this Christmas has proven to us unequivically that we will survive as a family and continue to enjoy and support each other for years to come.

One of my nieces is a landscape architect and she created the most beautiful Christmas table we all had ever seen.

Although getting to our destination was no easy feat we did have clear sailing both ways and did not lose any luggage and even got the green light on our return.