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Normally when one hears that word they think of some kind of  addiction linked event.

In this case, however, it is the withdrawal from certain TV programs ending after only a month since they started and the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics being over on the same day.

I missed last week’s episode of Downton Abbey as we were enjoying a surprise birthday party for a friend.  My husband and I agree on almost nothing entertainment wise but we do both love Downton Abbey.  We sat down to what we thought was going to be two hours of this amazing program when we realized that we  were going to watch last week’s episode and the then the two hour season finale.

Although it was swell that we were going to get to see three wonderful hours of our program that fact that it was the season finale was a very unhappy surprise.  The reason for the unhappy surprise was that Season 4 just started early in January 2014 and now there is talk that we might have to wait until 2015 for Season 5.

There are so many things on TV that are horrible, violent or just downright unpleasant.  Also there are such minding numbing programs that one wonders yet again what the world is coming to.  It does, however, worry me that I sound like my father.

I do, however, enjoy The Big Band Theory but I digress.

Downton Abbey has brought real joy into our lives for so many reasons.  We love the cast, especially, Maggie Smith.  We love the period and we love the setting of beautiful rural England.  We love the story lines upstairs and downstairs and we love the beauty of the English language perfectly spoken.

This wonderful program has evoked so many emotions with the intricate story lines. We have been deeply saddened, elated and cried real tears.  We have been angry, defiant and melancholy and enjoyed every moment.

Most of our family and friends love it too but there are some that refuse to watch Downton Abbey.  I am not sure why but I do know that if they did watch it they would  love it too.

It is not very often that program of this excellent caliber is offered to us but I, for one, am jolly happy this one was.

If you are computer savvy you can watch all the episodes of Season 4 and 1, 2 and 3 online or they are, of course, available on DVD.

At least we will have something to look forward to as we know there will be a Season 5 albeit almost a year away.

Also the Olympics are over but we do take great pride in the fact that Canada came in third with 10 gold medals, 10 silver and 5 bronze.

The closing ceremonies were as ostentatious as the opening ceremonies.  The big story for me was the attention to all the stray dogs that were cared for and adopted by the athletes and their families and friends.  These stories even reached CNN.  Hopefully, people will have a better understanding as to the treatment of dogs.  I do greatly appreciate the plight of these animals being highlighted in such a global forum.

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