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World AIDS Day Reminder

World AIDS Day was established in 1988 by the World Health Organization and later the United Nations and was the FIRST public health event where a day was designated worldwide to remember those that are living with HIV and those that have died from the disease.  that day was December 1st. and this year that day will recognized in Ajijic on the Malecon at the amphitheater.

Sunday November 30th two red ribbons will be installed on the amphitheater columns.  Representatives from Ajijic Cares and VIHAS de VIDA from Guadalajara will provide information as to the facts of HIV/AIDS.

Monday December 1st. at sundown, between 6pm and 6:30 pm a short memorial service will occur where the holding of hands worldwide will affirm Ajijic’s hope for a cure for this disease.  Candles, a flower or any memorial to lost can be placed at the foot of the ribbons.

Please forward to this to as many people you know as possible in hopes that Ajijic will embrace this event. Hope that you can join this memorial event at sundown on Dec. 1st.

Dan Blackburn

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