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YouTube in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

YouTube in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

I am a relatively new user of the site

Years ago when we first moved to Ajijic I felt a little disconnected from family and friends and, in short, the world. Thanks to my very computer literate son I have learned the joy of riding the super information highway which is the internet and am now reconnected to everyone and everything.

I first used youtube to find old songs I wanted to hear and then I found the video of Christian the Lion and Paul Potts, the unlikely person to win Britain’s Got Talent which is the UK version of American Idol.

I also never again worried if I missed something on TV because I could look it up on youtube the next day and all was well.

You can also upload videos and use various other ”apps.”that youtube has to offer.

Most recently Susan Boyle from a small village in Scotland stunned the judges of Britain’s Got Talent with a stunning performance of” I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables. It was so stunning as she is a single woman of 47 and not exactly what you would expect to see in someone possessing such an amazing voice.

She garnered three yeses from the judges and is on to the finals. The look on Simon Cowell’s face as she began to sing was alone worth the price of admission.

Piers Morgan one of the other judges said this was the most surprisingly performance he had witnessed in his three years of judging the show.

Susan Boyle overnight became a worldwide sensation and was interviewed on all the networks, cable shows and even Larry King Live had her on his popular and well respected talk show on CNN. Her video on youtube received virtually millions of hits and her life will never be the same which, by the way, is fine with her. She was quoted as saying “I won’t be lonely anymore”.

As people were wiping away their tears of joy and wonder at this most deserving phenomenon along comes 12 year old Shaheen Jarfargholi from Wales who also knocks the socks off all three judges.

Shaheen is a clean cut, polite young man neatly dressed and nothing about him screams out “star”. He starts to sing Amy Winehouse’s ” Valerie” and is stopped by Simon. A hush falls over the auditorium as Simon asks if he has another song he can try as that song is all wrong for him. Shaheen says I can sing Michael Jackson’s “Loving You”. “Off you go then” says Simon and once again a miracle. This young man also has an amazing voice and does a magnificent rendition of this number.

He too gets three yeses from the judges and the competition heats up to a spectacular finish. After a very dull day in a theater in Cardiff, Wales two stars are being born. Shaheen is being likened to a young Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. This adulation and exposure will also change the life forever of Shaheen’s single mom who has been, until now, his greatest supporter.

If you are having an ok day I recommend you go the site of youtube and you will find many videos that are inspirational and uplifting. In these days of global economic crisis it is very nice to have something so positive to enjoy here in Ajijic.Lake Chapala and around the world.

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