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Drawing Tool Features:Dynamic annotation capabilities including adding, editing, and deleting dynamic annotations, including parametric parameters that define object location, orientation, scale, and animation (video: 8:00 min.)Auto-Hide Layers and Dim Layer Coordinates (video: 7:32 min.)Graphics Extender for Linework (video: 7:12 min.)Auto-Hide DIM Layer Coordinates (video: 8:27 min.)Dynamic annotations:No more manual orientation and placement of shapes and lines. Quickly orient and place layers and annotations on any shape or linework.Updates to Annotations:Fast and easy to edit even if you are working in a tight timeline. Edit an existing annotation from the drawing or open the annotation directly.Refresh to display the latest changes:No more “refreshing” your design for changes. Auto-refresh annotations to display changes immediately.Improved Layers:Resize and move linework to be more efficient and more functional. Change properties including color, linetype, and lineweight on layer linework with a single command.Position guides (video: 3:50 min.):Make your next piece of work more efficient by keeping your model geometry straight and square with the ground.Referencing 3D models:Create your own model in 3D. Use a 3D model as a reference for aligning layers and linework.Work with drawings (video: 6:22 min.):Create multiple layouts and use your designs to further enhance your model.Design new objects (video: 2:15 min.):Create simple shapes or refine your 3D models. Use AutoCAD’s feature-rich editing tools for simple geometry creation or refine complex geometry.Refine shapes and text (video: 2:45 min.):Quickly make small edits to your design. Refine shapes or text features to quickly and accurately shape your design.Revit Modeling:Design, build, and share Revit models in a fraction of the time. Load a drawing into Revit, place your geometry, and create animation with just a few clicks.AutoCAD Simulation:Simulate your models and simulations faster than ever before. Models can be run 2be273e24d


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